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A Prayer Request for the ministry in Myanmar

We request everyone who is the same in faith to pray for our mission. We the Rohingya Christian Assembly is working with various ethnicity living in Buthidaung and Maungdaw, Myanmar. Though the wars are on-going in Myanmar, we are working very hard to reach out to around 6 lakhs Rohingya people, who are unreached. They are waiting for salvation, they need someone to preach to them, in order that they can be saved. God loves Rohingya, He wants them to be in heaven. Many Rohingyas are waiting to receive Christ, but who will go for them? Who will proclaim the good news to them? The harvest is plenty but laborers are few. In their suffering, everyone tries to reach them with food, clothes, and other things they can, but Christian brethren are lacking to reach with the Gospel. Rohingyas' rejection of Christ is not their fault, but it's our fault that we are failing to reach them with the good news of salvation. The Rohingya Christian have also rejected Christ before they knew Him, but when they heard the Gospel the transformation took place. Likewise, if any Rohingya can hear the Gospel, indeed, the transformation will take place. Everyone wants freedom. Hearing Christ's words will free them.

"Pray for Rohingyas to know the only Savior Jesus Christ"

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