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awareness of the current terrible Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear global brothers and sisters as you are aware of the current terrible Covid-19 Pandemic and its rapid spreading across the world, the poverties are in great fear for survival, due to the huge number of deaths everything is locking down here and in most of the countries. Since the Covid-19 is a communicable disease it brought great fear and hatred between society and the people, the owners or companies are not hiring labors for their jobs, especially for us the refugees it is very hard to survive because the Delhi’s UNHCR is not helping we need to work daily. Therefore, we humbly request to the Christian country to pray for us, since we are surviving by daily laboring, and nowadays because of the locking down everything, we are in very critical condition. Even the Bible tells us to obey the government, therefore, we are obligated to obey the government in which country we are, please pray for us, we are reckoning that people will die because of the failure of meeting food than the Covid-19 pandemic, if possible, if anyone could able to help, please help to Christian refugees in Delhi, India. Thank you…

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