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1.1 Fundamentals of leadership

Who is a leader(s)? And what is a leadership position? Leaders are not only presidents of states, CEO of private companies, church leaders or directors of NGOs, etc. Leadership exists in all levels and in all sectors of society. In all levels and sectors, first of all, everybody is a leader of himself/ herself. To guide and manage one’s own life is probably the most difficult leadership task. Parents are leaders of their children, older children of their younger brothers or sisters; leadership exists in peer groups, educational, political, business, and religious sectors and from a local to a global level.

1.1.1 Meaning of Leadership - The Arcade Dictionary of Word Origins explains two roots of the word lead.

1.1.2 Definition and Components of leadership

One-word definition: Leadership is influence.

John Maxwell’s definition: “Leadership is influence-nothing more, nothing else.”

Peter Drucker defines “A leader is someone who has followers.”

1.1.3 Leadership involves influence. It is concerned with how the leader affects followers. Influence is the sine qua non of leadership. Without influence, leadership does not exist.

1.1.4 Leadership occurs in groups. Groups are the context in which leadership takes place. Leadership involves influencing a group of individuals who have a common purpose. This can be a small task group, a community group, or a large group encompassing an entire organization. Leadership is about one individual influencing a group of others to accomplish common goals. Others (a group) are required for leadership to occur. Leadership training programs that teach people to lead themselves are not considered a part of leadership within the definition that is set forth in this discussion.


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