• Rohingya Christian

COVID 19 segregate love from people

The COVID 19 is a pandemic which brought great beverage to the globe, from this pandemic any person of any religion, doctor, government people couldn't spare.

To get spare from this pandemic consult doctor and obey the president, with this pandemic many people get to suffer and many people were dead, to this day around 1,446,981 were affected and are in the hospital under treatment, around 83,090 people were dead, moreover, besides the mention, this pandemic segregate love from people and brought hatred, therefore, this day people fear to meet each other, it underscores the income of business, though this brought beverage to the globe, more than them it brought double beverage to poor and refugees, the NGO's and other staff can survive themselves from their income also the rich can survive themselves from their wealth, for poor and refugees they couldn't survive since their tiny works are stopped, therefore, for them, it is a tensive time because they feel that their children will die without food before this COVID 19, We the Rohingya Christian refugees fear the pandemic but more than it we fear that our children will die with famishing, from 2013 to this day we survive from our labor, since the tiny jobs are stopped we are at a difficult moment, therefore, dear globe brethren please pray for Rohingya Christian, globe refugees and poor.

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