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Updated: Apr 4, 2022


Most of the problems we have as Christians are not from demons or the devil. They are problems we are dealing with inside ourselves. Our inside enemy is our own flesh or selfish desires. we are sons and daughters in the mighty family of God. Christ and His family are chosen to rule All the earth. This id our destiny and divine calling, we being trained and prepared to rule and reign with Christ. The only power Satan has now is the power of influence. He is still trying to deceive through lying words, works and wonders. He seeks to persuade Christians into thinking he is still in command. This is a great danger to us. We must beware Satan will try to encroach and rob us of as of our blessings as we allow him to. The truth which is in this chapter will set us free and keep us free from the devil’s influence, which produces fear.


Demons are spiritual beings who are agents of the devil. They cooperate with him and do his work. Their evil actions of scripture believe demons are wicked angels who fell from Heaven with Satan after he rebelled against God (Is. 14:12-14). At any rate their presence and activity are plainly seen in the Bible. Now it is most important that we be set free from such fear. And the reason is this fear is to the devil what faith is to God.

1. Fear attracts Evil power

Faith brings God into our daily lives. It acts as a magnet and draws or attracts the, power of God into our lives. Faith brings His life into ours! Now, fear acts in the same way. It too is a very attracting force. It attracts evil powers of darkness. These are deadly forces because that is what they produce death, they can kill our joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. If life in God speaks of love, joy, peace then death speaks of hatred, sadness, distress fear opens the door of our heart. This allows all kinds of dark, evil thoughts and feelings to come in. when our emotions are filled with fear, this can lead to slavery and bondage to fear.

2. Faith and Fear do not Mix.

God speaks repeatedly to the leaders of Israel about faith and fear. They were firmly about told to trust God and show no fear to other gods or their enemies: “Be strong and of good courage fear not the gods of the Amorites”. Joshua 1:9, Judge: 6:10. Like oil and water, faith and fear do not mix. If we start with faith and express it by resisting the devil, our enemy will flee from us Jas. 4:7. If we cower in fear the power of darkness will enslave us and faith will flee from us.

3. Balanced Truth sets us Free

The devil seeks to deceive us by either hiding the truth or by taking a part of the truth and carrying it too far. In regard to demons, he would like for us:

· Don’t think they are inactive or don’t even exist, or to see a demon behind every problem in our life.


Like the little lady above, some people are afraid of demons because they believe the demons possess abilities or traits which they do not have.

1. Demons are not All-knowing

The devil and his demons do not know everything, nor can they read our minds. They don’t know we will react to thoughts or feelings they may put in our minds and hearts. They must wait and see what we do. In time they may become familiar with our patterns of behaviour, but they cannot foresee or determine our actions. Satan certainly did not foresee the out come of his attack on Job. Nor did he expect the victory which would come to Jesus through the cross.

2. Demons are not Present Everything where at Once

Certainly, the were most disturbed to be around Jesus. They also quickly left the scene when they faced the apostles in the book of Acts.

3. Demons are not Powerful

When David sang songs to King Saul, the evil spirit which troubled him would depart. Powerful praise and worship of the Lord will drive demonic forces away.


Our victory over demons’ powers is clearly stated in scripture. One of the key verses is found in Paul’s letter to the church at Colossae: “God disarmed and defeated the principalities and powers and ruling demonic spirits. He made a public display of them. God won the victory through Christ and his Cross”. Col. 2:15.

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