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Facts Every Rohingya Christian Should Know

Between May 10-13, 2019, 17 of the Rohingya Christians living in camp then were beaten up badly by the Al-Yaqin group and a 14 year-old boy was stabbed multiple times. And since there were constant death threats from the terrorist group, the families packed their belongings and left the camp at 3:30 am. But sadly since they were staying on the sides of the roads and the ARSA were pelting stones at them and forced them to return to the camp so did they due to further death threats.

Every time these people face problems in their lives. So please uphold them in your prayers that in 2020 and forward they may not face the like problems any more.

This was the boy who was stabbed multiple times. Please pray for him also. Because he has believed in Jesus Christ he was suffering from this kind of vile physical attack.

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