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Updated: Apr 4, 2022


The opportunity to serve God as a leader has never been as great as it is today. We are on the threshold of the eleventh-hour harvest when more souls will be harvested into the kingdom of God than from the day of Pentecost until now. God look for men who are willing to put aside the childish things of this world. Jesus offers the yoke of a disciple life to those who want to join the ranks of His mighty men. More men fail once they have become leaders than fail once they have become leader than from the preparation for leadership. Satan has set himself of destroy anyone in Christian leadership and he has found a willing ally in our fleshy nature. As God trains men and women to stand victoriously in a place of leadership, He also equips them to do battle with Satan and conquer. Despite this many yield to moral temptations and are added to the kingdom’s spirituality list. My purpose in this chapter is to show how to avoid this needless tragedy and explain a crucial survival principle for men.


Moral uncleanness has always been a cause for the downfall of Christian leader, but it has never been the problem it is today. The attack on the family and the marriage relationship has never been as intension. The world teacher a morality which excuses adultery, fornication and homosexuality. Sins which in centuries past destroyed nations and civilization are now glorified as the new, liberating life styles. In some countries lewd literature is on sale in so many places that even innocent children can buy it.

1. Causes of Immorality

a. Personal Insecurity

When a man falls into adultery, it often indicates a lack of proper self-esteem. Personal insecurity is at the root of much sexuality misconduct. Some men feel they have to prove themselves desirable to the opposite sex by flirting with immorality. The flirtation often leads to the long tragic fall into fornication. We are insecure in who we are or in our calling, we will through pride and the lust for prominence we feel by boasting about ourselves and saying things which we think will give us stature in the eyes of others. Another kind of insecurity causes sexual failure.

2. Marital Insecurity

Moral vulnerability roots in personal insecurity like pride does, only it is an insecurity in our marriage relationship. There is no mystery why a man or woman of God can fail through sexual sin. It happens time after time and mostly for the same reasons. Few sins are mentioned as often as this sin through the Bible. Solomon speaks to the young man warning him to be careful in his relationship with women. Paul speaks about the need to have a warm, loving relationship with your wife as a way to avoid fornication (1Cor.7:1-7).


God said, “It is not good for man to be alone; I will make a companion for him a helper suited to his needs” (Gen.2:18)

1. We are to Be Helpmates

God ordained marriage because a man and a woman aren’t complete without one another. They reach need a helper to make it possible to survive the rough attack life brings.

2. We are to Share Responsibility

In his first epistle, Peter writes extensively about the marriage relationship of Christians (1Pet.3). it is of interest that when the Bible deals with marriage, it almost always starts out with the wife’s role and responsibility and then deals with the husband’s role.

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