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Headline Coronavirus and a word to Rohingya Brothers and Sisters

dear Rohingya brothers and sisters, please believe in the Lord Jesus and be saved before it is too late. for the Lord Jesus Christ will come back soon to this earth to judge the world. all things that are happening in this world the Lord Jesus Christ had already foretold. the Lord Jesus Christ foretold that before his coming there will be famines, drought, diseases, and wars. all these things we have seen with our naked eyes. and now coronavirus called COVID-19 disease is rapidly spreading worldwide. and because of this epidemic disease people do not kiss one another anymore, people do not shake hands anymore. and the worst of all is, that now there is no rice in many countries. all this indicates that the day of judgment is near. So all Rohingya brothers and sisters, please believe in the Lord Jesus Christ before his coming. He is coming soo. it is not going be long.

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