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Jesus Himself Is Calling to All Rohingya Brothers and Sisters to Give REST

When the people of Israel were in bondage in Egypt for three hundred and thirty years, under the oppression and rigor of Pharaoh, God sent Moses to deliver them out of Egpyt. Because God was with Moses, Moses through a rod with Aaron led the people of Israel out of Egypt. But when the people of Israel were fleeing, Pharaoh and the people regretted and followed hard the people of Israel. And when the mighty army of Pharaoh and he himself were pursuing Israelites, they were in the midst of the Red Sea. And the mighty Egyptian Army realized that God was fighting against them for the people of Israel, but though they knew that God was on the side of Israel fighting for them against Pharaoh's mighty army, they were pursuing them. That is why they were drowned all in the Red Sea. Today we the Rohingya brothers and sisters know who is calling to us. But our Rohingya brothers and sisters are persecuting the Rohingya Christians who tell them that Jesus is calling. Since you do it intentionally and knowingly you will all likewise perish as Pharaoh and his mighty army. how strong you are, no matter, you cannot prosper because Jesus is still the king of kings and the lord of lords, the king of glory, the judge of all other gods. Killing, destroying, stealing works are the works of Satan, the son of hell. But Jesus gave His life for the life of the world. Therefore dear Rohingya brothers and sisters before it is too late, turn away from all other gods to Jesus Christ for the salvation of your soul. Jesus loves Rohingya people so much so that He gave his life for our salvation.

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