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Our great desire

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Hi brethren, How are you all? We hope by the grace of God everything is going well with you and by the grace of God we all are also fine!

Greeting you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior. Peace and blessing shall be upon you all who visit our web-site. Today we bring a new message to you. Please read full and know what we are writing. The message is written below. Please read..........

Our target for all Rohingya brethren is to bring them into light from the darkness. It is sure and also we have a great hope that thousands of Rohingya brethren will save by our effort through the Power of the Gospel and through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Today we who believed Jesus have been trying and getting ready to stand strongly against our enemy the devil, which has blinded their (Rohingyas') Spiritual eyes. Therefore, please pray for us so that we can fulfill our ambition by reaching the Gospel to them. The Rohingya peoples are 95% illiterate out of 100%. And due to this, it is very difficult for us to sow the seed in their heart. They reject and do not believe when we go to them by holding Bible in other languages. We are facing a lots of difficulties due to this. But we are sure that if we have a Bible in own language many people would be saved by this time.Therefore, today we are working eagerly to have a Bible in own language so that we can easily spread the Good News (Gospel) among them. Thank you and God bless you for visiting our web-site. Please comment us and always visit, if you want to know more about us. We write new things and post everyday.

Thank you! Once again thanking you for visiting our web-site. Jesus Loves you!

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