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It is very urgent needed for us to have a Bible History Audio Records for Rohingya People who are not educated and cannot read the Bible. We are planning to record for Bible History. Please do pray for us that we may be able to record without mistakes and errors so that many of us, who are uneducated, will hear the good news of Christ and will be saved. This is our Assembly prayer that many of our people get salvation and that they may know their own Savior, the one who is able to take responsibility their whole life. Then, we are praying that our Assembly can share the gospel of Christ, the good news of Christ not only to our people but also to many people around the world. As our people are the most suffered people in the world, they are also the most hungry for the word of God. So, we always pray that we can share the good news to many of them. We also pray for getting the most committed missionaries, evangelists, ministers who are going to bring good news to them faithfully and wholeheartedly. There are some NGOs who are working among our people and giving them food, relieve and etc. But the most important food, which can not be gone is only the word of God. We want to give them that food of Christ, the word of God. So, Please pray for us. Thanks.


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