• Rohingya Christian

Prayer Request for Rohingya Christian

Pray for the Rohingya Christian in India. The Rohingya Christian Assembly is putting many effort to reach the Gospel to unreached Rohingya, and equipping many students. Many missionaries reach to them in various part of India, Bangladesh and Myanmar. As 99% of Rohingya don't know the LORD, it's very challenging to proclaim the good news of salvation.

Rohingya Christians are also facing persecution from their own ethnic, they are not given education access, working access, but mocked, threaten, abducted. God be praised, there are strong believers exist among the Rohingya Christian, who are ready to sacrifice their everything for Christ and follow him. Some youth are well equipped, who are proclaiming the message of the cross despite of their life risk. Your constant prayer is necessary for the Rohingya Christian's new generation so that they all can be equipped in the word of God.

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