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Prayer request for the Rohingya Christian living in Bangladesh

Dear brethren in Christ, we hope you are well by God's grace during this pandemic. We would like to paste some prayer points for the Rohingya believers living in Bangladesh. There are approximately 2000 Rohingya Christians among 12 lakhs Rohingya Muslims. The Rohingya Christian have been facing persecution from Rohingya Extremists since 2017 after their imagination. At the beginning of this year (27/01/2020), the extremists attacked the Rohingya Christian living in Kutupalong, they destroyed their church and abducted a pastor and his daughter, of whom we don't have any knowledge of what had happened with them. Rohingya Christians are not given access to education, rations. They receive death threaten. But Christian brethren are failing to be assiduous toward them. The false rumors agianst Rohingya Christians are being spread on social media like WhatsApp groups. Now they invent another way, they throw stones to Christian's houses while they sleep, they afraid and spend the night awake. Although they convey it to camp leaders, they are to given proper attention.

The Rohingya Extremists are throwing these kinds of stones to Rohingya Christian's houses. They are afraid to convey it to the government, the circumstance may grow worse and they will be killed. They really need your prayer.

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