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Rohingya Christians' Life Like Joseph's Life

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

In the Bible, there is named Joseph the second youngest son of Jacob's twelve sons. He had dreams. And when he told his dreams to his father and brothers, his father and brothers heard them they rebuked him. And Joseph, because of his dreams and because his father's preference of him to his brothers made his brothers envy and hate him. Actually Joseph's dreams were the message from God concerning his futuristic exaltation above his brothers. So his brothers sold him to Ismaelites and in turn Ismaelites sold him to Potiphar who then was the army general Pharaoh. But since he feared God and faithful, finally God exalted him above his brothers. Even we Rohingya Christians are like Joseph. When we tell the gospel of Jesus Christ to our Rohingya brothers and sisters they are angry with us, hate us, persecute us, harras us, abuse us, mock us, rape our girls, kidnap us, destroy our houses and churches, and kill us. And our life is like the life of Joseph when he was in the pit. Joseph then could look up to God alone and have communication with Him alone. So also are we, that is we can have communication and fellowship with God alone like Joseph. Our help comes from the God David said in Psalm 21. Likewise, dear Rohingya brothers and sisters, let us look up to God alone.

And Joseph was sold as slave. But he served his master faithfully. However, when Potiphar's wife tempted Joseph to lie with her but refused it, Potiphar's wife accused him of rape. And he was put in prison. Nonetheless, God was with him. And when Pharoah had a dream, Joseph was called and Joseph told Pharaoh the meaning of his dream and subsequently, Pharaoh exalted Joseph to the prime minister's position. It was because God was with Joseph for his faithfulness. Therefore we also should serve the Lord Jesus Christ like Joseph. And God saved Jacob's family from famine through Joseph. And the descendants of Jacob inherited the promised land. Even so, so much so that dear Rohingya brothers and sisters will be saved from spiritual famine by us and enter the promised kingdom.

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