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1.1 First Level of Leadership–Position-Rights

It is based on one’s designation or position in the organization. Such as Teacher, Doctor, General Manager, Inspector etc. and the people may not admire you but due to your position they might respect you.

1.2 Second Level of Leadership-Permission-Personality/Behavior-Relationship

It is based on one’s behavior and personality or attitude. It is based on relationship with others and it is foundation for leadership. People want to follow you due to your relationship. When you like people and treat them like individuals who have dignity and value, you begin to influence them. Influence begins with loving people.

1.2.1 Three important things in this level (a) Listen to the people (b) Observe or conscious of the people (c) Learning from the people or good in serving other.

1.3 Third Level of Leadership-Production-Results

People follow you because they see that you have the ability to do something. In Leadership, it is not enough to create good working environment, we must also get work done. On the production level, leaders gain influence and credibility, and people begin to follow them because of what they have done for the organization. They are effective and example to others to follow them how to be productive.

1.4 Fourth Level of Leadership-People Development-Reproduction

Leaders become great not because of that power but because of their ability to empower others. It is developing many more leaders and teams from one to next generation. At this level, leaders use their position, relationship and productivity to invest in their followers and develop them until those followers become leaders in their own rights.

1.4.1 Three principles in people development: (a) Recruit well-it depends on what kind of people we appoint. (b) Position well-positioning in right place (c) Equip well-Coaching others.

1.5 Fifth Level of Leadership-Pinnacle-Respect

It is based on one’s professionalism reaching to the highest level in the world. It requires not only efforts, skill, and intentionality but also a high level of talent. It is leadership with simplicity, humility, accessible and available despite of his ability and achievements. In other words, personally humble and professionally strong enough.

1.6 Sixth Level of Leadership-Purpose centered-service oriented

It is authentic leadership and social oriented leadership. It is innovative and service-oriented leadership with passion to the people. Serve the people priority principle leadership.

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