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I lived in Buthidaung Township in the past. I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord, became a Christian in 2014 and I got baptized in 2016. Since there was no one who believe and accept Jesus, I got punished, persecuted, torture by both the government and the villagers. They punished and tortured me for not knowing the truth but now in this time, they start knowing God and they start loving me as well. I never blame them because I my self hated and wanted to persecute the believers before I knew Jesus. They decided that they would not sell rice to us and not allow us to pump water from the well so that we would be died for hunger and thirst. Not only that, they even did not allow us to buy things from the store, they did not allow our children to study in the school and they did not allow our children to stay together with them and play with them. Out of this much differentiation, humiliation,hatred, harassment and partiality, God saved us, led us and brought us to Delhi in 2012. In the very first of reaching in Delhi, our children knew nothing even English Alphabet of A.B.C.... God never forsake us,forget us, and bless us that in this present, our children can read English, can speak and can sing in English. God is wonderfully giving blessings to us that two students of our children have graduated B.Th in this year. This new generations are very important that they are the new soldiers for Christ to save those who are still in the bondage of Satan especially they are to be the blessing for our Rohingya People to be lighted by the Gospel of Christ. We would like to send five of our students to continue their study of Master Course in Christian Bible College. Please do pray for them that they can be sent to continue their study. Since our people have been blinded by Satan, have been put spectacles by Satan, they always use bad word, do bad things and think bad thought. Only the word of God can remove these spectacles of Satan. So, this is our prayer that our children are those who are going to remove the spectacles of Satan which blinded our people.

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