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The Sad News Rohingya Christians Face Every Single Day

on March 12, 217 while Nurul Salam and his friends were praying, a group of Muslims came in the house, ransacked, destroyed, and beat the children of all of them. They would go the authorities also because there is no justice for them--for them going to authorities is meaningless for them---authorities are no help for them in Bangladesh. Only Muslims can have their unrighteous rights right.

on July 28, 2018, a Rohingya Christian leader by the name of Zokir was arrested by the ARSA terrorist group, beaten up badly. Again on November 16 he was kidnapped, taken to the mosque, beaten up again blue and black, forced him to convert to Islam but he refused to do so. So he was tied to a post and marvelously during the call to prayer he escaped from them. Therefore please remember Rohingya Christians in Bangladesh in your prayers.

John 16:1-5 this passage of the scripture is sufficient for us. We Rohingya Christians ought to read this. When people who do not know Christ do harm Christians physically, socially, or in any possible forms, they think that they do God service whereas they do offer Satan service.


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