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Vision is crucial and critical for leadership. No one can meaningfully engage in a discussion on leadership without touching on the leader’s vision. If you don’t have vision, in essence it means that you can’t see where you are going, and you will never get there. You will be lost. ‘Mission statements’ and ‘vision statements’ are very popular today in Christian and non-Christian organizations.

Vision is the faculty or state of being able to see. It is the goal that provides direction. Leaders must be men of vision. They must be able to see where they are going, what they are to do, and how they are to do it. Since they know where they are going, they can navigate their course and reach the destination safely. They are also aware when they are off course and not getting closer to their goal. Vision also helps in identifying the desired result and prepares one to achieve in identifying the desired result and prepares one to achieve that result even through tough times and difficult choices. A vision statement usually refers to an aspirational description of what one would like to achieve or accomplish.

Biblically speaking, faith is vision-faith in the power, plan, purpose, providence, protection, and provision of God, revealed through His word. In Christian leadership, vision is God-generated and imparted. Its source is God himself, communicating His will through Hos word. In the Biblical sense, vision is not a leader-generated idea or dream. A spiritual leader bears witness to what God says. He has to encourage people to grow in their personal relationship with God so that they will be able to sense for themselves with God so that they will be able to sense for themselves God’s leading and direction. God-given visions can only be achieved through God ordained means.

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