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Psalms 56: 3 “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee”

Alex and Joel had played in the schoolyard too long. Now it was getting dark, and they had to walk past a cemetery. That friend Rueben has said, there are ghosts in the cemetery. So, Alex and Joel were so much afraid, mother told us there are no ghosts in the cemetery, Alex and Joel were not sure. Her eyes were blinking fast. I know it, said Alex trying to act brave. But at night time everything looks so spooky. May be something is hiding in there. I know what let’s do, said Joel let’s pray to Jesus to go with us. So, they stooped and folded their hands. Alex said dear Jesus be with us on our way home. Then they started walking again. If Jesus is with us all the time so we never have to be afraid, I am glad Jesus is always with us, so am I, said Alex. when I am afraid I will trust in Lord. That’s what I learned to say from the Bible, when I am afraid I will trust in God said Joel. That’s what I am going to say the next time I am afraid. Let’s talk about this why were Alex and Joel afraid? are there ghosts in some cemetery? Do we ever have to be afraid if Jesus is with us? Which verse is the Bible did Alex and Joel say? Why will Jesus protect also us

What time I am afraid- literally, the day I am afraid. David did not hesitate to admit that there were times when he was afraid, he saw himself to be in danger, and he had apprehensions as to the result. There is a nature fear of danger and of death; a fear implanted in us.

Our very nature our physical constitution is full of arrangements most skilfully adjusted and most wisely planted there, to lead us to God as our protector. Fear is one of these things designed to him when realize that we have no power to save ourselves from impending dangers,

I will trust in thee- as one that is able to save and one that will order all things as they should be ordered. It is only this that can make the mind calm in the mist of danger.

a. The feeling that God can protect us and save us from danger and that he will protect us if sees fit.

b. The feeling that whatever may be the result whether life or death, it will be such as God sees to be best. If life that we may be useful and glorify his name yet upon the earth. If death that it will occur not because he had not power to interpose and save, but because there were good and sufficient reasons why he should not put forth his power on that occasion and rescue us. On this we may be however, assured, that God has power to deliver us always and that if not delivered from calamity it is not because he is inattentive or has not power. And of this higher truth also we may be assured always that he has power to save us from that which we have most occasion to fear a dreadful hell. It is a good maxim with which to go into a word of danger a good maxim to go to sea with a good maxim in a storm a good maxim when in danger on the land a good maxim when we are sick a good maxim when we think of death and the judgment what time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.

Let us pray together: Dear God thank you for loving me and being with us all the time and taking care of us please help us to trust in you always and to love you because you love us you alone only worthy to receive praise and honor in Jesus name Amen.

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